Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2011 World Cup Final in India

International Cricket Council (ICC) that the 2011 World Cup, which will be played in the sub-continent, will host matches during the 29 has confirmed. India, the security situation in the country because of the removal of Pakistan from the World Cup schedule after the game has received more 7 than. 8 matches while Bangladesh will host Sri Lanka will host 12 matches. The final will be played in India, while the two semi-final match shared by India and Sri Lanka will be made.

2011 World Cup

ICC World Cup
this afternoon in Mumbai reworked schedule is released. 8 locations in India in all 29 matches will be played. 2011 World Cup in Bangladesh will be inaugurated on 18 February 2011. The first of the tournament in Dhaka on June 19 matches will be held. World Cup Committee headquarters in Mumbai has been moved.

Before the ICC to host a World Cup for Pakistan, which has refused at least six injured cricketers to cancel the visit and left the leadership of the team bus in Sri Lanka, after the terrorist attacks on the matches. ICC Cricket in Pakistan and observed the situation for foreign cricketers do not want to risk my life to be is not favorable. Pakistan's 2011 World Cup to 14 matches set for the host was.


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