Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calling without Balance Made Possible: Zong Yaari Call

Remember Ufone’s Call Collect Service? ZongYaari call is exactly the same thing, that is,Zong customers can call other Zong numbers without spending money, instead recieving party will be charged for the call - a very handy service when you run out of credit.

Simply dial 11 before any zong number, for instance, 11-0312-5555444 and press the dial button and talk without worrying for (your) balance.

Receiving party will be informed prior to accepting call that this is a Yaari Call, you be charged.

Males are advised to keep this trick away from their wives and GFs, who are going to know this service anyway ; - )

Zong Yaari Call Features

  • No charges for the party initiating the Yaari Call
  • Only B party ( party receiving the Yaari Call) will be charged & the charging will be based on B-Party’s package plan
  • Black/White list management through SMS
  • No Subscription required
  • Postpaid subscribers can also initiate Yaari Call provide their outgoing is not barred, or their postpaid connection is not blocked.
  • Only ZONG – ZONG calls are allowed

White/Blacklist Managment Codes

Very clearly understand following codes (to make sure that Yaari Calls are not turning out to be Bhaari Calls)

BL031XXXXXXX To block a specific number from requesting you a Yaari call
REG031XXXXXXXX To allow a specific number to request you for a Yaari call
BLVIEW Show the list of blocked number
AW031XXXXXXXX To add a specific number in white list and to accept the charges for that number without any prior intimation
DW031XXXXXXXX To delete a specific number from white list
WHVIEW Show the list of white listed numbers

Note: Send your desired command to 800 and be informed that Rs 1 + tax will be charged for every SMS.

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