Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angelina Jolie on CNN show for World Refugee Day

Gods says “All woman have soft heart” and is really indeed. Hollywood most famous Anjelina Jolie tears was fall on during speech on TV on Thursday for the plight of refugee children across the world.
Angelina Jolie on CNN show for World Refugee Day

A goodwill ambassador Anjelina jolie from United Nations was emerged at CNN show with Anderson Cooper’s to highlight the cause ahead of Word Refugee Day on Saturday.

The actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show stresses cause before World Refugee Day on Saturday.

And mother-and six Jolie fought back tears, he compared his own children, who he has seen live in poverty and suffering wartorn countries.

Recalling one 15-year-old boy she met, Jolie said, "He was shot in the back and paralyzed, and his entire family had died, and she had no one in the world. And yet he was really strong, unbreakable spirit. He had lost everything. He was so full of laughter and kindness, and he died.

Standing ovations emphasized emotional ceremony Thursday marking World Refugee Day - some of them led by Angelina Jolie. Star, along with the rest of audience was visibly moved as they heard first hand stories of the refugees who have been moved to the United States. They were also able to cheer the Internet via the camera in addition to students in school is the Chad refugee camps.

Since unexpected situations in which the expected guests were not able to do in Washington, DC, event. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had broken his elbow by accident, while the schedule of the host Anderson Cooper suffered from the problems of flight, so Ann Curry fill in.

"Young people you meet, and you can not help but think, in all other situations, what an extraordinary adults they would have been.

"I think that her and I can not complain of anything. He was grateful for that, and he did not have anything. And there are millions like him."

He had also moved to 8-year-old orphan she befriended in Tanzania: "He wants fled the fighting. He saw his family killed in front of him.

"My son (Maddox) on 8 August, and I can not imagine, if something has happened in my family, him grabbing her little brother (Pax), and going somewhere themselves. It was she." He carried in him and fed him. And they ran a two-week period

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