Thursday, May 7, 2009

BMW to launch its Roadster Z4

The world's sports car and luxury producer BMW launch Z4 in India at the end of this year. Z4 is a car that will attract young and prosperous. BMW in the Indian market with a lot of potential is optimistic. Here at least half a dozen new cars is planning to launch before year-end.

BMW Roadster Z4

Its plans are not without any basis. The company has already replaced Mercedes Benz this year as the top luxury car brand in India. After World War I, BMW was required to cease aircraft manufacture by the conditions of the Versailles Armistice Treaty. The company as a result shifted to motorcycle manufacture in 1923 once the restrictions of the treaty started to be lifted, followed by automobiles in 1928.

The circular blue and white BMW logo or a medal often show the movement of the propeller aircraft to the white blades cut through the blue sky - in the 1929 BMW adopted for convenience in the twelve years after the medals have an explanation, is accused of informing was created.

In fact, the symbol of the circular Rapp Motorenwerke company logo developed by the company from BMW. The Rapp logo Bavaria blue and white flag in the days so well acquainted with the Medal of the BMW was a joint production.
  1. Rear wheel drive sports car
  2. First Output generation of the BMW Z3 place in 2002
  3. South Carolina
  4. Attract young and prosperous



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