Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lai Thi Dao - Vietnamese Girl Facial Tumor

Vietnam Girl Face Tumour 01

Lai Thi Dao, a 15 year old Vietnamese girl had just underwent surgery for a 16 pound (7 kilogram) facial tumor in Miami. Finally free from the ordeal, doctors at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Center said that Lai’s tumor was one of the largest reported. The condition is called a Schwannoma tumor which is relative common and usually benign.

International Kid’s Fund is seeking charity to help cover the cost of the treatment which was estimated to cost around $107,000. The surgery has restored Lai’s difficult life even for the simplest tasks of eating, drinking and sleeping.

2 more pics and 1 videoclip of Lai Thi Dao’s facial tumor after the jump.

Source: International Kids Fund

Vietnam Girl Face Tumour 02

Vietnam Girl Face Tumour 03



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Just looking at these photos of innocent children makes me want to cry. And this is exactly what motivates and inspires me to become an ER Doctor.

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