Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nation's Face Transplant Patient Revealed Photos

Five years ago, a blast gun where her face is a ghastly hole was left between. Five months ago, that a dead woman found a new faceConnie Culp on Tuesday ahead of the nation's first face transplant to show results, and have children as a new step away from the horror of the race that puckered, with a nose away from the sight was crying.

Face Transplant Surgery

Culp still a bit of a sense of wood, but she, smile, smell and can talk to taste food again. His speech a little time is difficult to understand. His face is bloated and squarish, and the doctors said that her circulation in the form of short distance to his big plan in the skin folds and droops his veins to improve her new muscles animating. But Culp had nothing but praise for those who made her new face possible.

“I guess I’m the one you came to see today,” the 46-year-old Ohio woman said at a news conference at the Cleveland Clinic, where the groundbreaking operation was performed. But “I think it’s more important that you focus on the donor family that made it so I could have this person’s face.”

Face Transplant Surgery

Face Transplant Surgery

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