Monday, May 25, 2009

Childs Born With Heart Outside Body

It certainly will stop your heart. A baby boy is a rare disorder, where her heart beats with the precariously hanging was born Out of his chest!

Baby Born With Heart Outside Body

The baby, yet, to be named UN Mehta hospital in existence after the pressure of the media where he was admitted is fighting for.Harish Parmar for the baby on Saturday and Kailash congenital birth defect in a nursing home with Ectopia cordis Totalis, doctors say that the phone was born in one million births a rare as is the case.

UN Mehta, the case was sent to the hospital. But, the parents of Rs one was spending beyond its means 1 million, has been told to face."We venture one of our children need surgery to sign saying the But since we can not tolerate it, happily, we're going to take her home, "says Harish.

Hospital officials say that the State Government minors free heart surgery, according to a plan for treatment is lost.Shockingly, the kids at home for three days when one was in critical condition. Juni Foolchand Ni Chali in Saraspur neighbor on Miracle 'a glimpse of the child's flocked. Reporters on Tuesday the child's home and then went to her to accept the UN Mehta asked the hospital authorities. Hospital quickly went into damage control mode and the child is admitted.

Detailed examination of the bones in the chest and that without his body to his heart because it sticks to the one lost hole revealed was born. He also has lung and kidney complications.The membrane covering the heart of serious infection for children is highlighted ruptured. Control is the first priority. So, how they help the child can be fixed surgically will include doctors.

School Health Services in the project under the free treatment would be "We (EMSC), where patients 12 hours and the baby's treatment is provided free for a cardiac emergency medical service is. How can we the parents," to pay will not know the hospital was told senior officials of the CN Patel says


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