Monday, May 25, 2009

The world's thinnest LCD just 0.23 inches from LG

LG world's thinnest LCD is only 0.23 inches thick

LG Display is one of the new records for the world. The world new thinnest LCD of LG has pegs of 42- and 47-inches.and the model was only 5.9 mm thick. An iPhone is the best accepted measurement of thickness. This model was reduced to holding up the LG’s edges. Though who May using prefer local dimming LED, display Blog is very helpful to us. Now we will see a combination of two lighting schemes which is bringing the thinness and high pictures qualities in the next coming year. It is compared with the JVC’ s and measuring is 7mm thick, but only 5kg ,holding weight,6.1and 7.3kg respectively. LG has giving promises that 120 Hz refresh technology and 80 % of NTSC color, 72% on standards models besides these there are many facilities are given to us.


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